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Dancing can be hard on the dancer’s joints, tendons, and soft tissue.  For this reason, dance studio flooring is constructed to keep damaging physical impact to a minimum.

That’s why Titan Sports offers several of sprung and resilient flooring for dance studios. We proudly use products like Spotlight Stage & Dance by Connor Sports that include subfloor pads and floating systems for their shock absorption value. We have not only hardwood sprung floors, but also resilient and rubber systems.

We value safety and know our customers do as well, that’s why we offer dance floor options that prevent injury and keep people dancing. Options such as subfloor pads allow for a better weight distribution and lower the impact on dancers. It is also important that the floor has the right level of slip resistance for the type of dancing it is used for, so we will make sure our customers get the right floor for their needs.

Our qualified and experienced technicians work with you to install flooring that fits your space, budget, and needs. All of our dance flooring comes from trusted suppliers and manufacturers that use quality, long lasting materials.

Give Titan Sports Systems a call today and let us know your custom dance flooring needs. We will work with you to make sure to give your dance studio or space the right flooring.

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