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Mondo Advance Vulcanized

MONDO offers rubber basketball court flooring solutions that are multi-layered to provide uniform response and good shock absorption and energy return for a more comfortable playing experience.  Each layer of our synthetic basketball court flooring is made from vulcanized rubber and has varying degrees of hardness that make it the most durable multipurpose sports flooring option available.  The energy return, grip, and stability provided by these floors will allow athletes to perform at their best.

Mondo Advance Vulcanized 10 mm

Mondo Advance Vulcanized 8 mm

Mondo Advance NG

Advance New Generation is a versatile rubber surface designed for multipurpose use. Its multi-layered structure makes it ideal for a variety of areas in schools and recreation centers.

Advance New Generation guarantees perfect support by uniformly absorbing impacts and optimizing energy return. The features of this surface offer 360 degrees of comfort.

Available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Mondo Sport Impact

Sport Impact flooring consists of two layers of vulcanized rubber.  The top layer is extra thick to resist lacerations and heavy loads and the under layer provides stability and uniform shock absorption. Even before skaters hit the ice, their blades give arena flooring a serious workout. With its 3 millimeter wear layer, Sport Impact resists abrasions and cuts, and it’s perfect for common areas and dressing rooms as well. With its extra-thick 3 millimeter wear layer, Sport Impact resists traction, lacerations, and heavy loads. Ideal for even the most intense sports activities, it ensures athletes excellent stability due to the embossed non-porous surface, and the under layer guarantees uniform shock absorption and dimensional stability.

Available in 6mm,10mm and 18 mm

Mondo Ramflex

Our Ramflex flooring consists of two layers of vulcanized rubber with a hammered surface finish.  This flooring is highly resistant to heavy machinery and dropped weights and provides excellent shock absorbency and stability, making it ideal for weight rooms and conditioning areas.

A hockey arena is more than just ice. The areas around the rink and locker rooms must withstand intense traffic and the constant stress of skate blades. That’s why hockey venues need flooring that is solid but still able to absorb loads and impact—like Ramflex.

With its double-layered construction, Ramflex flooring offers an optimal combination of resistance and shock absorption. The 2 millimeter-thick rubber surface layer can withstand wear from weights and light abrasions. Its non-porous surface allows for easy maintenance, and because it’s anti-slip, it provides the perfect grip for every workout, even when users wear minimal or no footwear. The combination of the surface layer and shock-absorbing under layer ensures perfect dimensional stability and makes Ramflex perfect for a wide range of uses.

Available in 6mm, 10mm, 12 mm, 18 mm

Mondo Super X Performance Track

As the world’s first prefabricated vulcanized rubber track, it is unrivaled.
The result of over 30 years of experience, the surface guarantees optimal athletic performance, combining comfort, safety and durability, for both school and recreational use.

During a controlled production process, Sportflex Super X’s two layers are vulcanized together to create a uniform, continuous, joint-free product with truly unique characteristics. Unlike other systems produced, this process creates a molecular bond that prevents the layers separating.

The top rubber layer guarantees elasticity and resistance to spikes, while its anti-reflective embossing provides grip, traction and good drainage. The bottom layer has a geometric structure of four-sided air cells that are deformable in two dimensions to provide shock absorption and energy return. This special structure is laid out in the running direction to provide a differentiated biomechanical response according to the pressure produced by the athlete.

Available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13.5 mm