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From high school gyms, to massive recreation and  sports complexes and NCAA practice facilities to NBA competition surfaces,  Titan Sport does it all with high achieving products like those from Connor Sports.


Connor Sports’ Focus™ flooring system is their most popular fixed resilient athletic and gym flooring system. The Focus™ sports flooring system features Connor Sports’ proprietary and patented Athletic Response Ridge™ technology in order to consistently provide multi-athlete resilience and comfort.

Connor Sports’ Focus™ flooring system can be installed with Secure Grip Technology™ to accommodate a diversity of challenges and even the tightest schedules.

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The VIPII™ athletic flooring system is Connor Sports’ most advanced premium sport flooring system, featuring patented Dual Dampening Vibration Control and Athletic Response Ridge™ technology. This flooring system is designed for the best possible combination of multi-athlete resilience & comfort of use.

The VIPII™ sports flooring system can be installed with Secure Grip Technology™ to address diverse site challenges while working to tight schedules.

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The GreenPlay sports flooring system is Connor Sports’ most environmentally aware premium flooring system, featuring patented polypropylene panels made from 100% recycled material. As with most of Connor’s premium athletic flooring options, GreenPlay also features an integrated Athletic Response Ridge for superior multi-athlete resilience and comfort.

Connor Sports’ GreenPlay™ athletic flooring system is the best LEED option available for maple sports flooring systems.

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Alliance™ is Connor Sports’ most economical performance flooring system, featuring fantastic resilient performance and optional solid blocking design in order to offer professional level athletic comfort to facilities of all sizes & budgets.

Can be installed with Secure Grip Technology™ to address a range of site challenges and tight schedules.

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Permaflex™ II

The Permaflex™ II specialty hardwood system consists of predrilled steel sleeper anchor pockets for simplified concrete anchoring combined with tried, tested, and true Rezill pads. This specialty hardwood combination system is designed to generate a high-performing subfloor that is both DIN & PUR compliant. A truss support option allows for profile height adjustment ideal for retrofit installations.

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Connor Sports’ NeoShok™ specialty hardwood system boasts of pads that are engineered with a two-stage polyurethane design to ensure maximal responsiveness to both light and aggressive athletic loads. This sport flooring system’s two pad durometer options allow for customization of this flooring system’s performance to ideally accommodate each unique facility’s specific needs.

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Synthetic Systems


Seamless Multisport Gym System

Connor Sports’ Elastiplus™ seamless multisport gym surface is an advanced poured urethane surface that is highly customizable for wear layer thickness, performance, and resilience. This poured urethane surface is designed to be a sport flooring solution that is perfectly adapted for your facility’s unique needs.

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Connor Sports’ ProTraxx™ is specifically designed as a competition running surface, featuring a Premier IAAF Certified spike resistant running track surface that boasts exceptional durability and premium weather resistance, making it ideal for use indoors or outdoors.

ProTraxx comes in a wide range of thicknesses and surface layer colours, allowing for customization that works perfectly with your specific facility’s requirements.

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