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Titan Sport Systems is the exclusive Horner dealer in Western Canada offering the very best in MFMA athletic flooring products for your facilities.

Our years of experience in the sports flooring industry has proven to us that Horner Sports Systems is the best option for a variety of sports floor applications. Horner is known throughout the sports flooring industry for being the longest standing, most established and respected name in hardwood maple basketball flooring. Horner Sports Flooring is also a founding member of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA).

Horner Sports Flooring has earned a reputation for excellence by providing some of the very finest hardwood basketball floors, synthetic sports floors, and portable basketball floors throughout the world.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of the vast majority of Horner Sports System’s many flooring products, which is yet another reason why Horner is a global leader in sports floors. Unless otherwise noted, all of the following Horner flooring products are available with LEED options.

Titan Sports Systems is immensely proud to offer the following Horner Sports Flooring products:

Hardwood Sports Flooring:

Safe Panel System: Safe 2™

The most popular floating DIN MFMA hardwood system available. This is the most common system found within schools in Canada. It is a pad and plywood subfloor system with MFMA maple installed over top.

Safe2 Brochure

Zenith System

The newest technology in certified systems, the Zenith is a computer-designed dual multi-load system that has quickly become the leader in fixed resilient wood sports floors.

Meeting or exceeding DIN and MFMA PUR, this system meets the highest standard in the sports floor industry. Zenith is the most versatile multi-sport flooring system available on the market today, offering the highest performance capabilities with maximum dimensional stability, reduced vibration, and partial blocking built right into the system.

Zenith Brochure

Controlled Response Performance System: CRP™

Horner CRP (Controlled Response Performance) System is a high-performance DIN certified anchored system with a pre-engineered subfloor.

Horner’s CRP System offers consistent play and ball rebound, greater internal control and expansion/contraction characteristics, and is designed to withstand the rigors of today’s heavily-used sporting facilities.

BPS System

Horner BPS (Balanced Performance System) is a versatile anchored or floating panel DIN-compliant system. It offers both extra-low profile and high profile options for retrofitting your replacement floor.

Thanks to its superior shock absorption, surface friction, and rolling load capabilities, the Horner BPS System is an especially great option for dance studios and theatre stages.

BPS Brochure

Portable Sports Flooring

Horner ProKing™

Horner ProKing™ is the world’s leading professional portable sport flooring system. The ProKing system is industry-recognized for its truly superior quality, unsurpassed playing surface, and for being the most quickly installed portable system.

Suffice it to say that these are the floors that the NCAA, NBA, WNBA, FIBA, and a plethora of other world leading basketball associations rely on.

Contact us for custom orders for new portable floors, as well as used portable floors that can be refinished to your liking off-site and delivered directly to your facility, ready for assembly and play in a single day!

Horner Portable Flooring

Seamless Poured Polyurethane

The Horner CushionCourt™ floors are high performance seamless pad and pour sports flooring systems.

The CushionCourt™ system is made from recycled rubber, making it an excellent LEED-friendly choice for your floor for your multipurpose facility, martial arts school, and gymnastics flooring.

Furthermore, no annual maintenance is required and the no-fade surface – along with low initial cost and low ownership cost – makes this seamless poured polyurethane flooring a great option for a variety of applications. Horner’s CushionCourt™ is a fantastic choice for running tracks, walking tracks, gymnasiums, multipurpose spaces, dance studio floors, martial arts studios, fitness flooring, and much more.

The design options for this flooring are limitless, with a huge range of available stock colour and custom colour selections.

CushionCourt Brochure

CushionCourt™ 3000

The standard CushionCourt™ system is the ultimate in multi-function performance. While providing all the shock absorption and frictional characteristics of traditional wood floors, it allows end users to utilize their floors for a much broader spectrum of activities. It would not be uncommon to find CushionCourt™ floors in use as food service area/cafeteria flooring, stage and assembly hall flooring, trade show and convention halls, and many other non-athletic activity spaces.

Available with shock absorption levels that range from 15% to 35%, Horner Sports Flooring’s CushionCourt™ 3000 provides excellent safety and ergonomic comfort while providing facility owners and managers with outstanding versatility.

CushionCourt™ GPS I & II

Shock absorption is increased to either 45% or 52%, depending on the system style you select. Horner’s CushionCourt™ GPS I or II is the best way to protect small children, elderly participants, and elite level athletes while ensuring budget and multi-function characteristics are kept in-line.

CushionCourt Ultra/Combination Systems

Ultra features the best of both worlds by combining all the attractive features of area-elastic floors and point-elastic floors into one unified system that provides users with unparalleled comfort, safety and performance. Typically constructed of a Horner SAFE™ subfloor, the CushionCourt Ultra is then topped by one of the CushionCourt™ systems.

AREA-ELASTIC systems are ideal for reducing muscular and skeletal injuries and stress, particularly over the long-term when repetitive motion is involved. For example, when training for basketball or other court-associated activities, drills are performed repetitively in order to develop skills and improve performance. Area elastic systems help reduce injuries associated with these repeated motions.

POINT-ELASTIC systems provide protection for immediate injuries such as impacts associated with heads, elbows, and knees – by providing a pillow-like effect when the head, elbow or knee impacts the floor.

Additionally, these beneficial features are attained without any appreciable loss in performance of the floor, as the ball-bounce and frictional rotation characteristics are very similar to classic wood athletic floors.

CushionCourt Ultra™ is a DIN system that provides the full package of comfort, safety, and performance for absolutely all athletic levels.

CushionCourt TRACKtion

Wherever a high-grip surface is needed and rotational characteristics are minimized, CushionCourt TRACKtion is the floor to choose. Typically seen in non-spike track applications, TRACKtion flooring will reduce slipping and while providing maximum lineal control. CushionCourt TRACKtion is perfect for casual running and jogging tracks

Track & Field

The Track & Field version of Horner’s renowned CusionCourt sports flooring represents the ultimate in point-elastic performance. CushionCourt Track & Field flooring provides GPS-type shock absorption and Olympic-level performance while expanding on the standard CushionCourt 3000 versatility.

All standard athletic and multi-functional uses can be deftly handled thanks to CushionCourt Track & Field’s proven technology. This Track & Field flooring can routinely handle spike traffic (for track meets), free-weights, and many other high-use/high-abuse situations.

When world-class performance is required, CushionCourt Track & Field delivers.

ReNew and TopOff

The best way to ensure any CushionCourt system lasts for the lifetime of the facility is to renovate it with Horner Sport System’s reNew system. Consisting of new 2mm pour and fresh top-coat, reNew works to protect and improve the use of your existing CushionCourt system.

If the existing CushionCourt floor has only minimal damage, just the top-coat is needed. This topcoat is attained by applying Horner’s TopOff system to refresh and protect the flooring’s subsurface.

Depending on what is most appropriate for the particular floor, either system will extend the life of the floor for as long as the building is standing. We encourage you to contact us so that we may assist in determining which product – reNew and/or TopOff – is most appropriate for your specific situation.

Rubber Systems

Horner Olymp-XX Track & Sport

Olymp-XX is a dual-durometer, rubber high-performance system featuring outstanding shock absorption, excellent surface traction, uniform performance, all while meeting IAFF and DIN certification requirements.

Horner’s Olymp-XX Track & Sport is available in variable thicknesses to best fit your facility’s specific application needs. Olymp-XX is our leading vulcanized rubber product for performance competition running tracks.