Maple Sports Flooring for Gyms

// Maple Gymnasium Flooring

Maple flooring gives gyms a beautiful look while also being long-lasting. Why is it so resilient? Titan Sports uses Northern hardwood maple sports flooring that’s widely considered the best option for sports flooring. In fact, it can last up to 100 years with regular maintenance. So you can feel good as gym goers put your floors through the ringer.

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Titan Sports Systems offers Connor Sports maple floors that are designed to fit your needs for resiliency and shock absorbency. We provide both installation and maintenance services for maple flooring from MFMA certified professionals. Check out what we offer in maple sports flooring:

Alberta and British Columbia



Permaflex II



Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Horner Zenith

Horner BPS

Horner CRP

Horner MPC

Horner Safe2

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