Hockey Skate Resistant Flooring

//Hockey Skate Resistant Flooring

Ice rinks are a big deal in Canada. That’s why Titan Sports provides hockey skate resistant flooring that is high quality and long lasting.

Hockey arenas need flooring that will put up with the wear and tear of countless skate blades, while also protecting the blades and the safety of the players. Titan Sports provides rinkside flooring that will do the job and last for a long time. We believe in providing quality products, professional installation, and excellent customer service with every job that we do.

The North West Rubber SportFloor line is a great option for hockey arenas. SportFloor is excellent for areas that see the most skate traffic including rink perimeters and locker rooms. It’s smooth and non-porous so cleaning is easy and fast. The vulcanized rubber stays clean longer and prevents odour by being bacteria resistant. It also provides protection for skates through durometer technology and dispersal of weight, and is easy to walk-on, preventing trips and falls. Installation does not require any finishing, waxing, or stripping. If you are looking to refloor your institution’s or community’s hockey rink, get in touch with us at Titan Sports. We are always happy to chat about your options, and find the right sports system for your needs.

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