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We offer a versatile range of professional sport flooring solutions.

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We offer a versatile range of professional sport flooring solutions.

We’re proud to offer green flooring solutions with products that are LEED certified and built from renewable or recycled material.

If you aren’t sure which product is best for your project, reach out. We’re happy to guide and support you.

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For our clients in Saskatchewan and Manitoba* we are thrilled to offer Horner Sports Flooring. They have been in the industry for over 125 years, sharing our commitment to quality. Their legacy includes providing the NBA All Star floor for 26 years in a row and 20 plus years of providing special event flooring for the NCAA, Olympics Games and Common Wealth Games.

Horner’s cutting-edge flooring solutions continue to meet the needs of the most discerning customers, from elementary schools to NBA and Olympic caliber competition.

Hardwood Systems


The Zenith system offers the newest technology in Certified Systems. Using computer-designed Dual-Stage Resilience, it generates the highest performance with maximum dimensional stability. It also features reduced vibration and is considered to be the most versatile multi-sport system in the marketplace. The Zenith meets or exceeds all EN/FIBA/PUR standards and can be used in multiple settings.



The Horner BPS works for traditional field houses, gymnasiums, aerobic and dance floors, high performance and competition facilities, offering an advanced DIN/EN-Compliant System. The BPS boasts options for anchored, floating, Extra-low profile and high profile options.



Ideal for field houses, competition and multipurpose gymnasiums, collegiate, secondary schools and heavy-use facilities, the Horner CRP is a compliant anchored system. It is designed to take the rigors of today’s heavily-used facilities offering consistent play and ball rebound and greater internal control and expansion/contraction characteristics with versatile applications.



This steel cased sleeper system is great for retrofits of out-dated, obsolete systems and large field houses, traditional gymnasiums and facilities with uneven substrates. Horner MPC offers a high profile option for retrofits, accommodates existing unlevel substrates p Variable profile



Horner’s most popular floating DIN system offers custom tailored resilience,
meets or exceeds all DIN/EN standards, offers dimensional stability and is
versatile, boasting multi-sport applications


Omnisports is a synthetic multi-purpose flooring that can accommodate a multitude of sporting and non-sporting events. Offering several thickness options to best adapt to your needs.

The popularity of this synthetic flooring is based on superior shock absorption for comfort, a treated wear layer for durability, and a smooth surface that provides remarkable ease of maintenance. Offered in exceptionally wide and long rolls, installation is easy and quick, resulting in fewer seams.

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Caring for the environment is a core part of who we are. In North America alone, we recycle rubber from several states and provinces, diverting tens of millions of pounds of rubber each year from landfills or incineration. Many of our products carry very high LEED scores, as they are made up of a high concentration of recycled content, and are recyclable at the end of their own useful life.

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Rubber Systems


Provides great value and multiple options for your weight room requirements. Made with a non-porous surface, Stamina repels liquids to minimize clean up, odor and maintenance.



ReAction tiles and rolls provide resilience against weights in strength and conditioning areas, as well as heavy cardio equipment. The product’s non-porous surface eliminates odors and hygiene concerns.



ProXL’s low life cycle cost and signature look, make it an excellent choice for weight room applications. Engineered to withstand heavy weights and cardio equipment, ProXL is visually appealing with its colored surface.


// Finish Products

Minimize risk in finishing for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, aerobics, or any hardwood sport floor with products designed to work as a team at each step of the process. Bona Sport systems consistently produce championship appearance and performance for high schools, colleges and NBA arenas across North America.

We only use Bona finish products on our floors. We believe in Bona Sport tried and true products to ensure lasting performance and aesthetics.

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